The Government of India has granted 100% exemption from payment of Income Tax on all donations to Karuna Trust vide their Notification No. 11492 F. No. NC-73/2000 under Section 35 AC of IT Act 1961.

The need to provide quality and affordable healthcare to all Indians is immediate and gigantic. Karuna Trust has made a start in developing and implementing its innovative yet scalable public-private-partnership model. However our service extends beyond the management of PHCs to implement innovative projects relevant to a local area’s requirements. These projects are in areas of secondary medical care, promoting rational & low cost drug use, community health insurance and integrated rural development – health, education and livelihood.

With the help and support of its sponsors and donors Karuna Trust hopes to take our services to tens of millions of Indians across all corners of the country.

Your financial contribution, however small, helps Karuna Trust expand its service network. Supporting Karuna Trust ensures that your money is invested towards meeting a primary need – healthcare. Karuna Trust’s public-private-partnership model allows your contribution to leverage existing public investment in infrastructure and thus deliver outsized returns to the society. Karuna Trust implements all its programs and 95%+ of your money is spent in actual benefit/service delivery. Padma Shri Dr. H. Sudarshan’s 26 years of leadership has inculcated amongst the employees and volunteers a deep sense of commitment, humility and high standards of governance and these reflect in every aspect of the Trust’s operations.

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