What Kind of Volunteers Are We Looking For?

Dedicated, Enthusiastic, Proactive, Responsible

We look for volunteers who are pro-active, enthusiastic and responsible. Volunteers have made an invaluable contribution to our work in the past and we are always looking for fresh ideas and skills. Many volunteers become long term friends of Karuna and continue contact even after their volunteering experience.

We want to give our volunteers a wonderful, life-enriching experience while at the same time gaining from their experience and skills.

We ask that volunteers apply so that we get the information that we need to match our expectations and yours. Please read the instructions carefully before applying.

  • Prospective volunteers are expected to undergo and interview with senior members of the organization
  • Once volunteers have been accepted by our team, they are asked to come in and discuss the role at our office
  • All volunteers are assigned a mentor to whom he/ she will report on a day-to-day basis
  • Volunteers are expected to abide by the rules and regulations of Karuna Trust, including attendance and work ethics 
  • Volunteers are not allowed to publish any information related to their work at Karuna Trust without permission from their mentors.


  • Submit a written/email application for the post of volunteer
  • Fill in the application form provided by Karuna Trust. (Annexure 1)
  • Will be fixed as per location and availability (Subject to availability) – it will be around Rs.200/- per day.
  • Volunteers will be relieved after completion of the course duration.
  • Date of relieving will be extended if assigned project work is incomplete.
  • Volunteers will be relieved without prior notice if they are found violating the rules of Karuna Trust.
  • Application will be scrutinized by the KT committee before approval.
  • Application will be processed based on availability of volunteer positions.
  • Project period and venue for volunteering will be decided by KT (request for relevant field will be considered)
  • Volunteers should report to Bangalore office and get the approval letter before moving the study area/project.
  • Volunteers will be assigned a mentor to whom weekly reporting has to done through email/ telephone.
  • A certificate will be issued by KT to the volunteers after completion of the project stating the duration, name of the project and work efficiency of the volunteer.
  • Volunteers will be accepted only after the above mentioned criteria are met.
  • Volunteers will strictly adhere to the Code and Conduct of KT.
  • Volunteers will be accepted only after signing a declaration stating that they will be assigned projects based on KT’s priorities.
  • Volunteers should abide by the rules and regulations of Karuna Trust.
  • Attendance will be strictly monitored.
  • Volunteers should enter in the movement register if they wish to visit any place outside their work area.
  • Volunteers should follow the instructions of their mentors.
  • Project work done will be for KT and volunteers should not publish or circulate the information without KT’s permission.
  • Karuna Trust will be responsible for the safety of the volunteers only between 9 AM and 5 PM.
  • Volunteers should follow professional ethics with co-volunteers and Karuna Trust Staff.